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  1. Plan the cadences and modulation before starting. Remember Te-Doh. Have a clear melodic structure. A A B A and A B C A work really well. Use “stock phrases” that you are sure will work. e.g. Soh Lah Te Doh at the end. Re Me Fah Soh at the end of the 3rd phrase. Soh Lah Te Doh Re Me Fah Me Re Doh (in the Dominant) for the modulation.
  2. Cadence in music is like punctuation in language, full stops, commas etc. In music however we don't use full stops and commas. Cadences occur at the end of phrases by using long notes and by using certain chords. When writing Leaving Cert melodies, 4 cadences are used, so we write 4, 4-bar phrases.
  3. A.P. Music Theory Homework by Due Date Thurs, 3/ Free Response 7 Practice Vocab will be accepted today for full credit. Tues, 3/ Singing Test Today - Melodies that you have never seen before! To prepare, practice singing melodies from previous singing tests, or any melody!
  4. Back Door Progression | iv bVII7 | I | bVII7 | I | iv | I Jerry Coker notes three ways the Back Door progression occurs: 1) as a minor 3rd substitution for ii V 2) as a means or returning from IV to I.
  5. Harmony(Principles(%Sun%MusicCenter%Ltd.,%CANADA% Cadence(Types(Overview%% Cadences%define%the%end%of%indie.darkfurymoongrovemightfont.infoinfo%important%thing%to%note%is%that%the%term%.

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